What’s Vulnerability Got To Do With It?

What’s Vulnerability Got To Do With It?

What’s Vulnerability Got To Do With It? 1 1 Positive Foundry

Hello all,

As the weather warms up and we start to see our cities and towns open up, many of us will begin seeing more friends, family and even colleagues and customers. We will have opportunities to deepen those relationships and it is our choice to build strong and meaningful relationships with the people we care about. One of the key ingredients for building deep and flourishing relationships is vulnerability.

What is vulnerability? 

It is amazing that the word vulnerability when we are talking about a system means weakness, but yet vulnerability in a relationship is what gives it strength. If you think about it, the only way you become really close to someone is if you take a chance to trust them. And, to take that chance, requires you to be a bit vulnerable first. And, when they keep your confidence and receive it in a way that feels good to you, trust is built! The same is true with customers, vendors, and just about every relationship we have. We have to offer someone a chance, and when they deliver and follow-through, then we trust them.

What does vulnerability look like?
Making yourself vulnerable or sharing something with someone else before you have built trust can be scary, but it is worth it. Relationships get deeper and stronger when we are vulnerable with each other. So, what questions are you asking the people you care about most? Are you asking what show they are watching, or are you asking about their strengths and their big dreams? Are you asking how they are doing, or are you asking what keeps them awake at night? What are you sharing about yourself? Are you playing it safe and only sharing surface level stuff or are you sharing what you are most proud of, what is troubling you and maybe even sharing what you are working on to improve yourself?

As we go through your week and into the weekends, I hope you will take some time to ask a deeper question to someone you care about, and then give them all of your attention as you listen to their response. Strong relationships are key to living our best life, and it’s our choice!

Best wishes,
The Positive Foundry Team

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