More resilient teams for a more resilient future

An Out-of-the-Box Program To Help Your Teams Be Their Best

Instead of searching for what’s wrong, we celebrate what’s right. The BetterYet program harnesses the science of well-being to help teams across the country show up at their best more often. 

Employees and leaders learn how to practice and integrate science-backed well-being skills into everyday life.

The result? 

A vibrant company culture where employees are more connected to each other and the company’s purpose. They are healthier more engaged, productive, and resilient.

With BetterYet

Increase employee well-being and belonging in short, weekly approachable sessions

Develop stronger, more productive teams through dialogue and team-building exercises

Reduce turnover and burnout with easy-to-integrate well-being habits and rituals

Have healthier more positive employees by learning science-backed skills

"The best thing that you can do is to show your people that you care about them. The BetterYet program invests in their personal development and enhances their emotional intelligence so that they can be better people, not just better employees but better people. And in turn, it will result in them having a greater appreciation for the organization. They'll be better people at home and to their friends and their coworkers. And it really can serve to uplift the whole culture when people are starting to apply the skills learned in the program."

-Scott White, CEO, IGS Energy

Bring Well-Being To The Top Of The List Without Sacrificing Productivity

Every single employee is critical to your company’s success. They are your people, and making sure they prosper is your #1 priority. But with hundreds, and even thousands, of employees, it’s hard to take care of them all.

And yet—what if every employee could truly learn to flourish and better care for themselves and their team?

BetterYet is a simple and approachable plug-and-play program to help your employees learn to be more positive, optimistic, and resilient.

How it works

01. Discover

Survey employees about well-being, work environment, and engagement to provide a benchmark before you begin.

02. Readiness

Empower team members to confidently facilitate the BetterYet program through a short certification program.

03. Journey

Teams learn, dialogue, and practice in short weekly lessons guided by a program Champion. Weekly meeting cadence creates an anticipated and welcome time for individual growth and connection. 

04. Measure Impact

Reassess and confirm the impact of the program with a post-assessment.

Re-Focus And Flourish With BetterYet

Build your leaders, develop stronger teams, and create healthier, happier, and higher-performing organizations with BetterYet.

Develop the whole person, beyond traditional on-the-job training.

40 skill-builders for long-term growth, 40 short and powerful lessons, 40 weeks

When everyone in your company practices the 12 Skills to Flourish and develops a strong sense of well-being, they show up at their best, work well with others, feel connected to the culture, and are healthier all around.

Designed to be simple to implement for mid to large-sized organizations, BetterYet is a scalable and impactful way to help your team members to learn the mindsets, skills, and behaviors to thrive. 

All in only 15-20 minutes a week.

The Champion Option:

Empower a manager or leader to become a Champion of well-being. They’ll bring the team together to deliver and facilitate the material, supported by us here at Positive Foundry.

Champion Certification & Facilitation Guide

Pre and Post Culture and Team Assessment

Weekly Video Lessons and Team Dialogue

Weekly Practice with Skill-Building Digital Resources

Weekly Team Emails

Monthly Office Hours

The Self-Guided Online Option:

Give your team members a common language around well-being so they can support each other and themselves. Team members have an additional online option to dive deeper and complete the program on their own schedule.

Pre and Post Culture and Team Assessment

Weekly Video Lessons

Weekly Skill-Building Digital Resources

Learning Checks

Bonus Content

Bring BetterYet to your teams.

Start a conversation – book a call with us to learn more.

"We all deal with trials, setbacks, and other challenges in our lives and learning how to best deal with these forces in a positive way keeps us “safe” and improves our well-being. Conversely, when things are going really well, and you are having a “good” day, learning how to be appreciative of the moment and making others feel that same way can be infectious. Combine these lessons with a whole lot more found in the Positive Foundry program, and you have the base for an opportunity to really flourish.”

- Jeff Edwards, President, CEO and Chairman, Installed Building Products

Inspiring, more resilient leaders, now and in the future.

12 key skills delivered in 12 monthly in-depth and interactive workshops

Positive leaders are a key piece in creating a more productive work environment, leading to healthier bottom lines. 

In live (or virtual) monthly workshops, your leaders will go in-depth on how to integrate the 12 Skills to Flourish for more meaningful, fulfilling lives.

Invest in the happiness and well-being of your entire leadership team—from managers to C-Suite—with our year-long interactive program.

12 Monthly Workshops

Skill-Building Digital Resources

BetterYet For Leaders Workbook

Monthly Office Hours

Bring BetterYet to your leaders.

Start a conversation – book a call with us to learn more.

"The BetterYet Program's impact can not be measured in numbers, but it can in stories. This program has been incredibly impactful to our people and, in some cases, life-changing. In everyday conversations, the skills and tools discussed in this program have provided a vocabulary to allow people to have more open and honest dialogue. It has benefitted IGS because our employees learn meaningful skills to support them in their life both at home and at work. Our employees appreciate us investing in them in this way, which goes a long way for engagement and retention."

- Jenni Kovach, Chief People Office, IGS Energy

Short-Format Learning For Long-Lasting Impact

Take a peek inside the BetterYet program. Check out a sample video and download the corresponding materials to get a glimpse of how 15-minutes a week can change your outlook.

Personal Development is Professional Development

When you care for your employees, your employees care for themselves.

We believe we can do it together.

When individuals flourish, organizations flourish. We exist to change the world by helping people live their best life. We bring together the best research behind human motivation, positive psychology, neuroscience, and energy management into an engaging program that teaches individuals and organizations how to thrive. We drive bottom-line results by helping people and their organizations be their best.

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