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We Got This

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Hello all,

As much as I am learning to enjoy this new slower pace of life with no kids activities, walks outside as a family, and sometimes skipping a shower, I sometimes catch myself feeling worried, anxious, and sad! And, that makes sense, right? We don’t know how or when this will all end, or what life will look like when the world reopens.

But, we can’t forget that as human beings, we are incredibly resilient! We have ALL been through some really rough patches in life, and sometimes we even end up in a better situation as a result of the setback.

Activity: Try this activity to remind yourself how resilient you are:

1) What are 5 obstacles that you have faced in your life? Write them down.

2) What did you do to get through those hard times that worked well?

3) What are your strengths? (If you don’t know, learn yours today, click here)

4) What can you power up to help get you through the next 30 days?

Hang in there! You got this!


Positive Foundry

PS For some resilience inspiration, click here to listen to Oprah’s interview with Dr. Edith Eva Eger who survived the concentration camp and talks about what courage looks like in the worst of times.

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