How Are You Sleeping?

How Are You Sleeping?

How Are You Sleeping? 1 1 Positive Foundry

Hello all,

It has been about 3 months since our country and states shut down due to COVID-19. Now in the midst of a staged reopening, our country is experiencing the full range of human emotions at maximum volume. From fear, frustration, outrage, disbelief and desperation to determined, hopeful, optimistic, inspired and love.

Turn off the negative switch

As humans we are wired for fear and negativity, it is our built-in survival switch. We need this switch, but it’s our choice to turn it off when it is not serving us well. Turning it off is the easy part, recognizing we left it on is sometimes really hard especially when we are tired, exhausted and our willpower has been depleted.

Sleep is a skill

One of the choices many of us have is the ability to cultivate healthy sleep practices. Sleep can be a real game-changer, it’s like a magic pill for our health. Healthy sleep:

  • Helps us navigate stressful times better especially in the short term
  • Lowers our chance of developing persistent sleep problems in the long term
  • Strengthens our immune system
  • Increases energy
  • Makes it easier to eat healthy and exercise

How are you sleeping?

Not only are our emotions on high alert more often, but the days are also getting longer and the morning light is coming earlier. This can make it more challenging to keep our sleep routines. When we are not getting enough sleep, bad things can happen. It is harder to regulate our emotions, harder to work out, harder to eat healthy and harder to focus and be productive.

Homework: Over the next few nights, just notice your sleep habits.

  • How are you sleeping? Deep or restless?
  • When you wake up are you refreshed or exhausted?
  • Do you have a consistent sleep routine? (Going to bed and waking at the same time)
  • How many hours of sleep are you getting?

Sweet dreams!

The Positive Foundry Team

We believe we can do it together.

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