Give Forward – Kindness

Give Forward – Kindness

Give Forward – Kindness 1 1 Positive Foundry

The week, we talk about the power of kindness.

Help others to help yourself
Did you know that one of the proven methods to help people experiencing depression is to have them give their time and energy to help someone or something else? When we are down in the dumps, the act of showing kindness can be all we need to lift ourselves back up. And, it’s a gift that keeps on giving because the benefit of our kindness impacts the receiver and the giver.

We are better together and our communities and non-profits need our help right now. And, there are so many ways we can help. 

Kindness challenge
Our challenge this week is for you to think about someone or something you really care about and find a way to give to them in some way. Maybe it is a co-worker who lives alone and maybe lonely, and you just decide to FaceTime them and give them some of your time.  Maybe you will choose to paint kindness rocks with messages of hope and leave them around your neighborhood in spots where people might receive a lift when they are taking a walk. Maybe you want to give back to your local area humane society. Or maybe you want to cook dinner for a neighbor to make their day a little easier. Please consider giving forward with an act of kindness towards someone or something this week.

Notice and share
And, take note of how you feel afterward! Consider sharing what you did? And, how it felt? The more we share our stories back out with the world the more ideas we spread. Our kindness can make life a little better despite these difficult circumstances.

We believe we can do it together.

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