Create Your Own Positive Moments

Create Your Own Positive Moments

Create Your Own Positive Moments 1 1 Laura Cooke
We are all in this together. What does that really mean? I think what this means is that we are all being impacted by COVID-19 and for each of us it is different. Many of us are really struggling with this new reality and at the same time we are isolated from each other making it harder. So, what will help us feel better the fastest?

I was lucky enough to experience an email between Dr. Martin Seligman, the Founder of Positive Psychology, and Dr. Sheldon Cohen, one of the foremost researchers on stress this past week. Their conversation was about: “What can help us the most right now?” Interestingly, the research says, positive moments. That seems simple – create some positive moments. 

Positive Moments
What is a positive moment? A dance party in your kitchen, videos that make us laugh, a phone call or FaceTime with a friend, a walk-in nature, a glass of beer or wine, a piece of chocolate, anything that brings us a boost of positive emotion.
Remember the 10 most common positive emotions?
               • joy
               • gratitude
               • serenity
               • interest
               • hope,
               • pride,
               • amusement
               • inspiration
               • awe
               • love

Your turn to practice 
How can you make a point to feel at least one of those today? What activities bring one of these emotions alive for you? Can you find a moment to do just that?

I have a friend who can make himself smile. He looks in the mirror at himself, forces a big wide smile and says “Good morning, Scott.” I tried it this morning (but used Laura instead of Scott) and burst out laughing. It was a positive moment 🙂

Life is really just a series of moments. Let’s be purposeful and create some positive ones this week!

We believe we can do it together.

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