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Thanks for your interest in Well-Being Bites by Positive Foundry. This program is made possible through our work with corporate clients who invest in their people and believe what we believe: when individuals flourish, organizations flourish. So, let’s go on this journey of flourishing together.

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If you decide to answer, the questions are designed to give information to measure before and after results of our programming. Your information will be kept private and results will be reported in aggregate. If you don’t wish to share answers, that is okay. Just click past those optional questions to receive the meeting Zoom link so you can join us to connect, learn, and grow together.

Important Next Steps:

  1. Please register below: Provide your name and email address to receive an invite and ZOOM link to the sessions.
  2. Confirmation Enrollment Email: You will receive a Well-Being Bites enrollment confirmation email from Erin Noviski.
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  4. Zoom Instructions: Once you have completed step 2, you will receive an email within 5 mins with a calendar link and Zoom instructions.

We believe we can do it together.

When individuals flourish, organizations flourish. We exist to change the world by helping people live their best life. We bring together the best research behind human motivation, positive psychology, neuroscience, and energy management into an engaging program that teaches individuals and organizations how to thrive. We drive bottom-line results by helping people and their organizations be their best.


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