Testimonial – Larry

Testimonial – Larry 150 150 Laura Cooke

“I think there is a fundamental shift happening in American business where companies are realizing that employees want so much more than to work for a company that is only…

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Testimonial-Jenni Kovach

Testimonial-Jenni Kovach 150 150 Positive Foundry

“The BetterYet Program’s impact can not be measured in numbers, but it can in stories. This program has been incredibly impactful to our people and, in some cases, life-changing. In…

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Testimonial – Tom

Testimonial – Tom 150 150 Laura Cooke

“Positive Foundry provides the ingredients necessary to create a workplace where your employees feel empowered, supported, and engaged to make a difference every day.”

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Testimonial – OU

Testimonial – OU 150 150 Positive Foundry

“We could not have picked a better time to have Positive Foundry engage with our students in the Select Leaders program. They loved the content, the delivery, and the opportunity…

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Testimonial – Rachel

Testimonial – Rachel 150 150 Positive Foundry

“Laura spoke to our Leadership Team about the power of positivity and it left us feeling energized, engaged and optimistic about our ability to control our own attitudes.  Her style…

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Testimonial – Leslie

Testimonial – Leslie 150 150 Positive Foundry

“Positive Foundry’s highly engaging, interactive and life-enhancing workshops teach skills to enhance work and life. The feedback to their lunch and learn series has been incredible and the program is…

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Testimonial – Megan

Testimonial – Megan 150 150 Positive Foundry

“We worked with Positive Foundry to develop and lead a session at my company’s annual retreat on infusing positivity in the workplace. Laura was amazing! The content was on point…

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Testimonial – John

Testimonial – John 150 150 Laura Cooke

“I would highly recommend investing in your employees’ happiness with Doug and Laura. The materials and delivery are excellent and you WILL see a substantive return on your investment.”

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We believe we can do it together.

When individuals flourish, organizations flourish. We exist to change the world by helping people live their best life. We bring together the best research behind human motivation, positive psychology, neuroscience, and energy management into an engaging program that teaches individuals and organizations how to thrive. We drive bottom-line results by helping people and their organizations be their best.


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