Built to Connect

West Region, Sales Manager

West Region, Sales Manager 150 150 Aaron Denny

“The Built to Connect series is awesome and I encourage everyone to sit in and listen when they can, just try one! Now more than ever it is important to…

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Accounting, Alpha Region

Accounting, Alpha Region 150 150 Aaron Denny

“When I am having a bad day and need to reset myself to ensure I have a positive second half of the day, I can always count on the Built…

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Brittany Bainum, Director, Employee Engagement & Development

Brittany Bainum, Director, Employee Engagement & Development 150 150 Aaron Denny

“We launched the Built to Connect series because at the heart of what matters most is people. Our time together is meant to increase connections across the company, promote our…

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West Region, Office Coordinator

West Region, Office Coordinator 150 150 Aaron Denny

“Today’s session reminded me how important sleep is for our bodies and mental health and gave me some new ideas on how to be more mindful of getting better rest.…

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Jeff Edwards, President, CEO and Chairman

Jeff Edwards, President, CEO and Chairman 150 150 Aaron Denny

“Just as we take safety very seriously as a company, we need to evoke similar levels of commitment to the overall well-being of our employees and teammates. The financial wellness…

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We believe we can do it together.

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