Grow. Engage. Thrive.

When individuals flourish - organizations flourish.

We want to changethe world, together.

In many ways our society is moving in the wrong direction. These trends deeply affect the people and organizations we serve.

We exist to help people live their best life.

We use a model based on the science of positive psychology to awaken and empower individuals to understand the skills that lead to joyful, meaningful, and fulfilling lives.

We provide training & consulting to help individuals & organizations thrive.

We enable the people in your organization to be more engaged, creative, positive and healthier.

Happiness is a Choice 0 0 Positive Foundry

Happiness is a Choice

We all want to live our best life; to have meaning, to grow, learn, achieve, be healthy, and have positive and meaningful relationships. Our ability to be happy; to flourish in life, is a choice.  The Positive Foundry program uses a wellbeing-based approach to help individuals and organizations flourish. We have a simple, practical framework…

Laura Cooke Featured in City Scene Magazine 0 0 Positive Foundry

Laura Cooke Featured in City Scene Magazine

UA resident champions positive psychology Thriving Under Pressure: What does it mean to flourish in life? by Mikala Klein

The Power of the Photo
The Power of the Photo 150 150 Positive Foundry

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by Developing People

Build Culture

Through Engaged & Empowered Employees

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We seek first to understand you and your organization,we speak business and we love our work.

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When individuals flourish, organizations flourish. We exist to change the world by helping people live their best life. We bring together the best research behind human motivation, positive psychology, neuroscience, and energy management into an engaging program that teaches individuals and organizations how to thrive. We drive bottom-line results by helping people and their organizations be their best.


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