Learn. Practice. Thrive.

When individuals flourish - organizations flourish.

Let's change the world, together.

In many ways, our society is moving in the wrong direction. These trends deeply affect the people and organizations we serve.

We exist to help people live their best life.

We use a training system based on the science of positive psychology to awaken and empower individuals to understand the skills that lead to joyful, meaningful and fulfilling lives.

We help organizations develop a culture of well-being that leads to sustainable business performance.

We enable the people in your organization to be more engaged, productive, positive, and healthier.

How Are You Sleeping? 1 1 Positive Foundry

How Are You Sleeping?

Hello all, It has been about 3 months since our country and states shut down due to COVID-19. Now in the midst of a staged reopening, our country is experiencing the full range of human emotions at maximum volume. From fear, frustration, outrage, disbelief and desperation to determined, hopeful, optimistic, inspired and love. Turn off…

What’s Vulnerability Got To Do With It? 1 1 Positive Foundry

What’s Vulnerability Got To Do With It?

Hello all, As the weather warms up and we start to see our cities and towns open up, many of us will begin seeing more friends, family and even colleagues and customers. We will have opportunities to deepen those relationships and it is our choice to build strong and meaningful relationships with the people we…

Fear not… 1 1 Positive Foundry

Fear not…

“Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” – George Addair  Phelps Lake, Jackson, WY – Cooke family road trip 2018 It seems that fear is on a lot of people’s mind lately. For good reason, it seems everywhere we look fear is staring back at us in the form of…

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We get to know you and understand your goals to provide solutions that align with your values to create a culture of well-being, connection, belonging, and meaningful business performance.

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When individuals flourish, organizations flourish. We exist to change the world by helping people live their best life. We bring together the best research behind human motivation, positive psychology, neuroscience, and energy management into an engaging program that teaches individuals and organizations how to thrive. We drive bottom-line results by helping people and their organizations be their best.


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