Know YOUR Strengths

Know YOUR Strengths

Know YOUR Strengths 1 1 Laura Cooke

As I attempt to continue to navigate this challenging situation, I am reminded that our strengths can help us cope with change, manage some of our thought patterns, and take action in ways that benefit us. In fact, the research shows that people who use their strengths are 18x more likely to be flourishing than those that do not use their strengths.

My top 5 strengths are Creativity, Love, Perseverance, Social Intelligence, and Kindness. I have been trying to use my creativity to adjust to a new way of running our business, thank you Zoom. I am tapping into my love to remember that when I give to others, I feel the happiest, and I am relying on my perseverance to not give up trying to stay positive and hopeful despite the unknown. 

So, what are YOUR strengths and how are you using them?

If you have not yet taken the VIA strengths test, click here to discover your strengths. Make sure you create an account so you can go back and view your results or take it again at a later date. This link is open for anyone including your family members.

So, what is this VIA Strength’s test, anyway?
The VIA Institute on Character was established in 2001 as positive psychologists were looking for a way to describe what is “right with us.” With 55 scientists working for 3 years, they identified a set of 24 values aligned into virtues that are valid across cultures. And, their research shows that knowing and using these strengths on a regular basis is a key to flourishing in life. 

Get to know your strengths:
As you review your survey results, think about each of YOUR top 5 strengths, and ask yourself some questions:

• How do you know that is your strength?
• When do you use that strength?
• How do you use it?
• How are you using it or how could you use it to help navigate COVID-19?
• How can you make your strength even stronger? What actions would you need to take?
Each of us has all 24 strengths within us, but we all have them to a different degree as each one of us has a unique character profile.

When we know our strengths and use them on a regular basis, we feel good and it increases our confidence. And it is a choice to take some time to really discover your strengths and figure out how to use them more often. 

Share your strengths with us or someone else. We would love to hear from you. Let’s keep growing together during this time!

Lead with your strengths!

Laura Cooke, CEO, Positive Foundry

PS – If you want to practice spotting strengths in others – here is a template: Dear _____, I notice and appreciate your strength of _____, which I noticed when you were _______.
PPS – If you decide to have your family (there is a youth version of the survey) or your team discover their strengths, we have a chart to map them so you can see similarities and differences quickly! Just let us know.

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