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Laura Cooke

How Fascinating?!

How Fascinating?! 1 1 Laura Cooke

Recently, a friend of mine from New York City shared the story of when her father was dying of COVID-19. The doctors on a video call told her the news…

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Know YOUR Strengths

Know YOUR Strengths 1 1 Laura Cooke

As I attempt to continue to navigate this challenging situation, I am reminded that our strengths can help us cope with change, manage some of our thought patterns, and take…

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Create Your Own Positive Moments

Create Your Own Positive Moments 1 1 Laura Cooke

We are all in this together. What does that really mean? I think what this means is that we are all being impacted by COVID-19 and for each of us it is…

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Happiness: The Art of Living With Peace, Confidence and Joy

Happiness: The Art of Living With Peace, Confidence and Joy 500 477 Laura Cooke

by Douglas A. Smith In Happiness: The Art of Living With Peace, Confidence, and Joy, the author, Positive Foundry guru, Doug Smith, recounts his personal journey to better understand and…

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